Taking the leap

Being able to move to Spain was very much dependant on selling our house in Norfolk and as often happens serendipity stepped in.  We’d had our house on and off the market for about 18 months with limited success.  In October last year we decided to switch agents for the third time and also dropped the asking price, we had a flurry of viewings and finally accepted an offer on the house shortly after Christmas.  
At the same time that this was going on the company that Paul worked for decided to restructure and made his role redundant in November and as a result we got a fairly good redundancy payment which went into the new life in the sun pot.  We had agreed that there was little point Paul looking for work until after Christmas and once we accepted the offer on the house decided that Paul would not go back to work.  
The people buying our house were not in a chain and the sale of our house moved forward remarkably swiftly.  Shortly before we were due to exchange contracts we hot footed…

How to start…

Hello seems as good a place as any.  My name is Jonathan and along with my partner, Paul and our two dogs, Bella and Wilma we’ve made the move from England to southern Spain, Almeria to be precise.  So here I am sat on my sun lounger in the blazing sun writing my first blog post.  
Our story is not that unusual, Paul and I both had fairly well paid jobs in England but like many people in their mid 40’s we wanted more from our lives than just another 20 years sat at a desk in our office, or in Paul’s case another 20 years of driving up and down the country sorting out problems in care homes. 

Alongside our regular jobs Paul and I had set up our own business creating mens facial hair care products, you will have noticed the moustache.  The Dandy Lions Apothecary had been running for about a year when we first started looking for houses and we had strong hopes that we could make this business work from Spain.

We spent the last 2 years looking at houses in the Almeria province having holida…